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So what is Hypotheticon: 1999 anyway?
The Committee
If anyone every finds out want's going on...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
Ah! Sparks, you owe us a pint!
All for a good cause!
Ramblings of a senile old ...
All you ever wanted to know... and how to pay us the MONEY

Updated 18th. August 1998

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Scotland's Other National Convention

25th.& 26th. SEPTEMBER 1999

We're going to party like... HELL! It IS 1999!

Well folks, here we are again. With the words "Easy job!” and “You’ll love it!” still ringing in my ears, I'm here to tell you about the wonderful and exciting event that is HYPOTHETICON: 1999 [cue lightning and evil laughter]

With-in this little bundle of joy that you’re now reading, you’ll find everything you need to know about HYPOTHETICON: 1999 [cue smoke machine]

First up, are a few words from our magnificent leader, Ze Squiggle. “El Presidente Speaks” is the formal introduction to HYPOTHETICON: 1999 [cue sparkerly things]. “You don’t need to see their identification” introduces you to the fools who excepted and in some cases volenteered for the job of committee for 1999. “And so it begins...” brings you up to-date with the latest news and information and finally “A Pint of Old Peculiar” is a rant by the old Hypotheticon ‘97 president Sparks, who was last seen talking about tap dancing with six foot high spider! Ultimately, pasted to the back of this wonderful piece of craftmanship that you’re reading should be the important details, like where, when and how much?

I hope to see you all in 1999, and remember...

Never except sweets from a Vorlon, until you see the colour of his woggle!


Updated 11th. August 1998

A Member of the Scottish Science Fiction Federation

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