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So what is Hypotheticon: 1999 anyway?
The Committee
If anyone every finds out want's going on...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
Ah! Sparks, you owe us a pint!
All for a good cause!
Ramblings of a senile old ...
All you ever wanted to know... and how to pay us the MONEY

Updated 03 January 1999

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Ah! Sparks you owe us a drink!At last Iím free. People canít point at me any more and say "Heís responsible forÖ [insert crisis]". I can lay back and relax at Hypotheticon and nod knowingly as Peter and the rest of the committee prove that what doesnít kill them only makes them stronger. Iíll be able to go to programme items, room parties and maybe even be able to talk to other members and even the guests rather than just shouting "Why arenít you at your *&$"! programme item" (especially Brain Waugh who seems to run on artist time that was an hour different from con time [madman or genius you decideÖI know what I thinkÖ])

OK Iíll stop the bullshit about how wonderful it is to hand over to a new committee and see the con grow. Iíll admit itÖ IíM JEALOUS!!!! I was stupid to include the Ďtwo committees then outí clause to the constitution. I want to run another!!!!! It is so much fun.

There itís out. When we first started Hypotheticon in 95 we didnít expect it to be such a success. Iíd practically bullied some people who considering running a small con to go for it. We had brilliant guests,Hypotheticon '97: Mission Impossible no money and several rows. But, it worked (apparently very well). In the aftermath it was decided to go for it again in 97 then the cajoling and the bullying began again. ĎIíll be the secretary.í I thought so I wonít get blamed, but due to the work commitments of Liam I was unexpectedly promoted. As chair I donít remember much of the con apart from something to do with cream at the end.

Interestingly at this years Eastercon I walked into the bar on Saturday night to find all the GoHís and partners of the two Hypotheticons standing in a hundle, Maggie and Eric Furey, Anne Gay and Stan Nicholl. I was a bit concerned that some sort of Illuminatii style organisation of former Hypotheticoneers has been created. Iím sure that the guests that the current committee bring along will be welcomed with open arms and told the secret phrase. "Ah! Sparks you owe us a drink."

This year there a a more subtle approach to getting a committee long chats and heavy consumption of my 13 year old cask conditioned Linkwood Malt. (Hey, we thought it was good recruitment technique.) Peter came to the fore and within a short period of time Hypotheticon 99 was launched.

It will be strange not being actively involved with Hypotheticon 99, although there is a Rennie Spy in the mists and meetings tend to be held in my kitchen. This leads to the sad sight of an ageing conrunner The '97 Committeeshambling through the room hinting heavily that the committee should really invite one of his heroes as GoH (It worked!!! HAHAHA) and chattering maniacally about the great charity slave auction at The First International Discworld Convention, and so on.

Anyway, Iím not bitter and hope that the convention goes as well as before and everybody enjoys it. HONEST... even though Iím not involved and it was all my idea and these young people donít have a clue... Bah humbug!...