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So what is Hypotheticon: 1999 anyway?
The Committee
If anyone every finds out want's going on...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
Ah! Sparks, you owe us a pint!
All for a good cause!
Ramblings of a senile old ...
All you ever wanted to know... and how to pay us the MONEY

Updated 03 January 1999

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Since Hypotheticon: 1999 is a Charity event, we though that wed better find a deserving soul; and the deserving soul in this case is The Burnlea Hotel for Arthritis Care. The Burnlea Hotel is purpose-built and has many aids to enable guests to have care-free holidays.

Arthritis is the single biggest cause of physical disability in the UK. It affects eight million men and women including 15,000 children.

The committee look forward to presenting a cheque, with some (hopefully) large numbers on it, at the end of the 1999 year.