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So what is Hypotheticon: 1999 anyway?
The Committee
If anyone every finds out want's going on...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
Ah! Sparks, you owe us a pint!
All for a good cause!
Ramblings of a senile old ...
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Updated 03 January 1999
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Convention Introduction - News from PR1

Greetings one and all to this, the first fully-fledged (and indeed properly proof-read) Press Release for Hypotheticon: 1999. If you’re receiving this then you are one of the lucky few who have already registered for Hypo ’99, and this PR will be letting you know about some of the things you can look forward to enjoying during the thirty-six hour party that is Hypotheticon.

First, let me confirm the following guests …

  • 1.Michael Sheard.
    Michael Sheard
    As mentioned in the last PR, our main Guest Of Honour at Hypo ’99 will be Michael Sheard, whose appearances on stage, screen and television are too numerous to mention here. For more information about Michael, see the bio later in this P.R.

  • 2.Bru2-D2.
    Also mentioned in PR0 is our cardboard and plastic hero, out to save the day throughout the con, unless its wheels come off or batteries run flat. He’ll be accompanied throughout the con by the ever faithful CU-P0.

  • 3. The soul-less minions of Wodney.

  • These are just our confirmed guests (work commitments allowing), but we are working on expanding this list, so stay tuned…

    Above and beyond the guests, there will of course be a (hopefully) non-stop selection of games/debates/stuff to keep you occupied throughout the weekend. See the news page for more information.

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome the two new members of the committee to join up since last time. First is Al Bain whose taking on the Bossing Around Of The Plebs job (O.C.M./Gopher Commandant), quickly followed by Cameron Taylor who, fresh from an excellent job of doing Tech at Albacon under Sparks’ guidance, is taking the reins himself. I hope you’ll all join me in laughing heartily at their expence.

    As for this PR itself, in these hallowed pages you’ll find the aforementioned Michael Sheard bio, a list of those of you to have paid for this mighty event, and a run down on our new committee members, so please read on …